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Friday, April 2nd 9:00am

Cleveland, OH rock band, Drenalin will be releasing a new single/video “HOPE” this Friday, April 2nd at 9:00am. With so many cases of domestic violence during the global pandemic, Drenalin was inspired to create this song to help others during this difficult time.


Drenalin is an Emmy and Promax award winning band, whose sound and energy rivals the biggest bands in the industry. The link to the video is listed below as well as any additional information about the band you would need. 


Drenalin f/Cat Lally - "Hope"


Hope tells the story of a domestic violence survivor and her path to self-empowerment and eventual breaking free from the chains of this societal disease. The story is told in a three-part movement with the first scene showing a trapped and fragile survivor. The second scene portrays the survivor’s realization that she alone has the power and strength to change her life. The third and final scene shows the rebirth of the survivor into a strong and confident woman who now is in control of her own life and future.


Cat Lally is the female vocalist featured in Hope. Cat has been a godsend to Drenalin, not only through her beautiful and powerful vocals but with her ability to convey the emotional prowess that this song and the domestic violence movement deserve. With such a powerful message behind the song, it was imperative that the instrumental and vocals were performed with musical prestige in order to effectively convey the story of and support the awareness of domestic violence. 

Hope is by far the most unique song that Drenalin has written thus far and this excites us for many reasons! The upcoming album “Unrestricted”, just as the title suggests, doesn’t fit into one or two genres, but spans from rock to electronic to symphonic pop as you hear in “Hope.” 

Our hope is that this song will speak to past, present, and future survivors of domestic violence with its true and open content. We hope that this song offers strength and empowerment to those who are survivors of domestic violence, those currently dealing with domestic violence, and ultimately to all those who are struggling with any hardship in their lives. The heart of Hope’s message is that you cannot always rely on others to make a better life for yourself, but you can always make a better life for yourself.

We will be planning our “Stay Strong Against Domestic Violence” movement where we will be using all of our platforms including “Hope,” to spread awareness of domestic violence and do whatever we can to help those in need. We will be adding links and resources to donate to local and national DV organizations. If you know of any DV organizations that would like to involved, please feel free to share this info with them. 


Additionally, we will be releasing two more singles off the upcoming album, “Unrestricted," and eventually release the album in the summer. 

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