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"Re-Ignite", "Make Me Go""Surrender" & "Gold Dust Chain"

Drenalin  -  "Re-Ignite"
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For those who continue to grab the Ox by the Antlers in spite of everyone around them always complaining.  Proof that winning isn't exclusive to Charles Sheen.

Drenalin f/Sarah Ahern  -  "Make Me Go" (Official Video) & (Perfecting the PreVis)
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"Make Me Go" tells a story of a couple girls looking to have a little fun while watching the killer vocalist Sarah Ahern at a concert.  This story driven piece also has a segment of a very cool movie making trick toward the end.

Drenalin  -  "Surrender" (Official Video) & (Lyric Video)
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Dedicated to anyone who has ever felt the love of their life slipping away, may "Surrender" give you both strength.