Dedicated to anyone who has ever felt the love of their life slipping away, may "Surrender" give you both strength.

Gold Dust Chain is a one-of-a-kind pairing of two massive Fleetwood Mac hits from the 1977 album "Rumors" with "Gold Dust Woman" and "The Chain".  The seamless integration of the two coupled with a totally immersive 360* VR video filled with easter eggs paying homage to the great FM makes the entire experience a must watch for old and new fans alike.

Hope tells the story of a domestic violence survivor and her path to self-empowerment and eventual breaking free from the chains of this societal disease. The story is told in a three-part movement with the first scene showing a trapped and fragile survivor. The second scene portrays the survivor’s realization that she alone has the power and strength to change her life. The third and final scene shows the rebirth of the survivor into a strong and confident woman who now is in control of her own life and future.

New Album "UNRESTRICTED" Coming Soon